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Acceptance, friendship and belonging to the community form a strong basis for our L’Arche-Kovcheh mission.

We, people with (core members) and without intellectual disabilities, help each other reach our potential, become better and share our gifts with the world. Today, our community unites about 100 people.

As you know, L’Arche-Kovcheh is a non-profit organization, our mission can only be successful thanks to grants and donations from Ukraine and abroad. That is why we are launching a project called Angels of L’Arche, - in this way more people can support our activities and help us go on changing the lives of our core members.


How to become one of the "Angels" of L’Arche?

  1. Fill in a short questionnaire;

  2. Choose the donation amount you are able to make;

  3. Choose the time period in which you are able to send your donation.

Choose one of the following options :

1) The Angel of Potential – 10 EURO per month: help to support the  development of our core members with materials for handicrafts, therapy, travel, etc.

2) The Angel of Comfort – 20 EURO  per month: help provide for the basic needs of our members in the workshops (utilities, minor repairs, necessary equipment, etc.);

3) The Angel of Friendship – 40 EURO per month: help cover approximately 1/6 of the monthly program cost for one core member.

4) Create your own Angel –  you choose the donation amount and the time period during which you are able to make your donation. (1EURO ≈ 31UAH)

For the Angels of Potential, Comfort and Friendship you can choose from three time-period options to make your donation: 6 months, 12 months and continuing. Choose the one that is the best for you! Or, create your own Angel. Please, press the «Make a donation» button and fill in the form provided. We, in turn, at the end of your donation period will send you a Thank-You-Angel (which will correspond to the category and time period of your support) with a name you choose written on your Angel. Note, that when creating your own Angel, the shortest time period of charitable support under the project is 6 months.

Thank you for helping us change the world!

Choose the type of donation you are most comfortable with:



Questionnaire for our Angels:

Dear Angels! We ask you to provide your personal information. It will only be used to communicate with you and will not be disclosed to third parties!

Thank you


Is it safe to provide my bank card details when transferring money?

All the funds are transferred through a certified payment system Fondy. It has one of the most reliable security standards for payment providers in the world – PCI DSS. To obtain such a certificate, Fondy undergoes an annual independent QSA audit as well as ASV scanning every three months. It is also compliant with PSD2 – a directive that regulates payment services in the EU. It aims to improve the level of security, reduce fraud and expand consumer rights. Fondy has many levels of protection and security certificates, if you want to learn more about it, visit their webpage at

Can I support the mission in any other way possible (not financially)?

Yes. We are glad to receive any kind of help from you. For additional information and explore the possibilities write to us:


Will I be able to cancel the frequency of my donations?

Yes. You can cancel the frequency of your donations at any time.

Why do you need my address and date of birth?

We will use your personal information only to communicate with you and will not disclose it to third parties!

The address is needed to send you our handmade angel, and the date of birth – to congratulate you on your Birthday. Thank you for your trust!

Is it necessary to name my angel?

Yes, since you are doing a good deed, it will be great if you get something special and unique in return.

You can choose any name you like: you can give your angel your own name or the name of someone close to you. It is up to you to decide!


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