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Zenia Kushpet brought the idea of ​​creating the Larche community to Ukraine. A Ukrainian who was born and raised in Canada, a pianist by profession, a university lecturer with experience living in the L`Arche community in Canada, she gathered a group of interested people in Ukraine and began work on creating a community.

Thus, in 1998, the first workshop was opened, where people with disabilities could stay with their assistants during the day. Subsequently, there were four workshops, and a day program for people with profound disabilities began.

On the basis of these five programs, the L`Arche-Kovcheh community was created, which in 2008 joined the International L`Arche Federation. In November 2011, the first community-based temporary shelter opened.


Initially, the L`Arche-Kovcheh Coordination Center was located at the Emmaus Center for the Spiritual Support of Persons with Special Needs (Ukrainian Catholic University). However, in 2016 we purchased our own office space and day program.

In 2019, work began on launching a new project - the social enterprise "Dumplings from Friends". Our mission is to prepare a delicious and natural substitute for fast food - Ukrainian dumplings.

Today the L`Arche-Kovcheh community in Lviv has more than 100 people (54 people with disabilities, 30 assistants, 5 board members and volunteers).

We work and rest together, pray and celebrate, share dinners, share joys and difficulties.

We call people with disabilities - Friends, considering them teachers of friendship and simplicity.

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