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The L`Arсhе-Kovcheh community is a non-profit organization. We do not receive public funding, except for small socio-cultural projects, which cover some costs of certain activities, or the purchase of workshop materials. We depend on the support of donors.


When you donate to us, your money supports people with intellectual disabilities in housing, and workshops, transportation to the work program, and to pay stipends to assistants and people with disabilities. Donations also support community events, summer camps, outreach to share L`Arche's ideas and values.


Your support contributes to the integration of people with intellectual disabilities into society. It will also create spaces where people with intellectual disabilities can share their gifts of relationship and help build a more compassionate world.


Thank you for your support! Every donation helps us carry out our activities and, not only helps those who need it, but also strengthens society!


Recipient: NGO “L’Arche-Kovcheh”,  Chyhyrynska str. 75, Lviv, Ukraine

Code of organization: 33285624 


Name of bank   JSC «KREDOBANK»,  Sakharova str. 78, Lviv, Ukraine


Payment  Purpose: Charitable donation


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