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If you want to order yourself or as a gift something from our products, go to our charity shop at the link CHARITY STORE  Or call 067 67 21 169. 

 Also, we accept corporate orders and invite you to cooperate!

Proposal for cooperation:

  • Production of souvenirs (products) for companies, firms that practice corporate gifts for their employees.

  • Supplementing the company's corporate events with interesting elements (presentations about people with special needs, soap-making workshops, making greeting cards using the Izonitka or Petrykivka painting technique, making wax candles, etc.).


Such measures have several advantages:

  • This example of cooperation helps companies to develop "corporate social responsibility", on the one hand, and on the other - to do good deeds, because for our organization it is a great support.

  • Cooperation is a significant contribution to creating a society with European values.

  • Public coverage: we report on cooperation with our philanthropists in the media, on the social network Facebook and on the organization's website:

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