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What can L`Archе do for you?

L`Arсhе is an opportunity to spend time with a friendly team of the workshop, work together, pray, relax, learn new skills, as well as try to live independently in our house.

At L`Arсhе, we believe that everyone has unique abilities, gifts and potential. If you join L`Arсhе, be sure that here you will discover your hitherto unknown talents, learn new types of work and follow your dream, opening new opportunities in life.

L`Arch invites you to build a life together in a community that includes celebration, work, lunch and socializing. This is a place where you make friends and make friends with you, you help others and they help you, you help others grow and you grow yourself. This is a mutually transforming relationship.

What will you gain from being in the community?

- True and faithful friends.

- Together with assistants you will master interesting types of work. For example, making necklaces from beads, soap, postcards or paraffin candles, you will learn to cook basic dishes and keep your space in order and clean. If you have a desire to paint - we are only "For" and will support your desire to then admire your talent at art exhibitions. And try to live in our community home.

- You will be able to stay in the community if you want, provided you follow the rules.

- Respect for your personal unique outlook on life, regardless of religious affiliation. Instead, we ask that we respect L`Arсhe's spiritual dimension and the religious affiliation of other members of the community.

- Participate in community celebrations.

- You will learn to take responsibility for your life.

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